Mission Statement

Coalition Against Reproductive Trafficking (CART) seeks to protect human life and dignity by working to end all Third Party Reproduction, most urgently surrogacy, and to educate the public about the harms.

Core Values

CART believes in every human being’s right to life and dignity. We work to uphold the standards set forth in the UN Declaration of the Rights of The Child, articles 6,7 and 8. This includes the right to life, the right to as far as possible be cared for by one’s mother and father, and the preservation of identity and kinship bonds.

CART believes in protecting and defending women from exploitation for their ability to bear children. We also believe in the importance of men taking responsibility as fathers for all children they participate in creating.

Violations Third Party Reproduction Promotes – “The Big 5”

Third Party Reproduction is a process in which an outside party provides sperm or eggs, or where a surrogate mother offers her body in the creation of a child that will be deliberately separated from one or both biological parents. In most cases significant sums of money are exchanged.

We regard Third Party Reproduction to be violations against human life and dignity for several reasons. We call them “The Big 5”:

1. Human trafficking

The “Infertility Industry” is a growing multi-billion dollar industry. Surrogacy and the selling of human eggs and sperm generate huge profits. One commissioned pregnancy can generate as much as $300,000.

If we believe that human beings should not be for sale and should not be trafficked or manufactured like products, and if we believe that women deserve better than to be treated as mere baby machines, then we must oppose third-party reproduction, surrogacy in particular.

Adults are bending time and space in order to satisfy their desire for children. By signing contracts before conception they can pre-order and pre-sell human beings without breaking any laws. This loophole needs to be closed to end a marketplace in children. The commissioned child has become an object to be bought and sold, rather than a precious begotten family member deserving of love and protection.

2. Abortion

When human beings become products with price-tags, abortion is used as an instrument to “quality control”. Surrogacy contracts typically include “pregnancy termination” as a contractual requirement at the option of the commissioning parents. A surrogate mother in Connecticut made headlines when the intended parents offered her $10,000 to abort a baby diagnosed with heart anomalies.

Third Party Reproduction also routinely involves the creation of multiple human embryos to ensure a greater chance of successful implantation. If “too many” embryos successfully implant, doctors routinely abort the unwanted ones. On average, 15 embryos are made for every woman using IVF and almost half of these are discarded during or after the process.

3. Eugenics

It is today common practice for a commissioning parent to select for ethnicity, age, hair and eye color, height, weight, education, occupation, religion and health history of the contracted egg/sperm provider. After implantation the human embryos are often screened for genetic disorders and gender. The “unwanted” embryos are routinely discarded.

If abnormalities are discovered during gestation, unwanted fetuses are routinely aborted. The market mentality applied to reproduction treats children as commodities. Babies are “designed” to fit the expectations and wants of the intended parents.

4. Broken Kinship Bonds

Human persons born via Third Party Reproduction are deprived of either their father or mother or both. Every instance where a child is deliberately separated from at least one biological parent for the benefit of commissioning adults is a grave injustice.

As children are created in new ways and asked to accept and embrace identities void of one or both biological parents—we are profoundly denying these children full citizenship as human beings—because the most lucid thread of our common humanity is our arrival by way of one woman and one man, our mother and father. Society cannot logically hold fathers and mothers as both disposable and essential at the same time.

Much research has already been conducted on the negative effects of fatherlessness on children. For example, 90% of all homeless and runaway youth are from fatherless homes. 80% of rapists come from fatherless homes. Girls who grow up without their father are 711% more likely to become teen moms, and 92% more likely to get a divorce.

We do not yet know the full consequence of deliberate motherlessness. Historically, the very survival of the motherless child was in jeopardy. At the very least, we can expect a mass degradation of the value and respect traditionally given to mothers as they are reduced to the status of egg donors or gestational carriers.

5. Serious Health Risks

There are many severe health and psychological risks to children born via third party reproductive arrangements and women serving as egg vendors or surrogates.

Children born through assisted reproduction are much more likely to suffer from significant increases in low and very low birth weights, stillbirths, fetal anomalies and higher blood pressure. Young adult children born via anonymous gamete donation also suffer serious genealogical bewilderment according to empirical studies and actual testimonies.

The medical process required for egg retrieval has shown many medical hazards. Risks include Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, loss of fertility, ovarian torsion, blood clots, kidney disease, premature menopause, ovarian cysts, chronic pelvic pain, stroke, reproductive cancers, and in some cases, death.

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